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Pottery Membership

We offer no contract, monthly memberships for people to create and grow in their crafting and art skills. Studio members have access to studio equipment, tools, and glazes during business hours. Clay storage and firings are included. Come make your own creations and build your skills in a fun space.

Must be at least 18 years old
 Completed the Class Package

There are limited membership slots, so the prerequisite class package is only offered when memberships slots become available. 

Call or Stop by to Get Started!

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3D Printing & Cricut Membership

Members have access to print STL files for 3d resin and PLA filament projects.
We offer classes to learn how to use a 3d printer, and how to set up STL files to get you started). Prices- Vary based on material needed.

Call or Stop by to Get Started!
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Membership Pricing 

Individual Plan- $60/month
Individual Plus One Plan- $80/month
Family Plan (immediate household)- $100/month

Printing pricing for 3d and Cricut projects varies based on project size.