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About Zebulon Pottery

Hello! Welcome to Zebulon Pottery where we focus on building a safe and fun place for all ages to learn how to make pottery.

John and Bianca have a vision to combine John's love for pottery and crafting with a space that can be creative, fun, and open to the community. There are pottery wheels and equipment for use, as well as classes and paint your own pottery projects. The store is expanding with 3rd printing and laser cutting options as well.

John has worked with ceramics since 2004. "I love clay as an artist because it opens so many doors for creative possibilities; clay is a forgiving medium and leaves room for experimentation. My goal is to be a place where you can share ideas, learn and be inspired to try new concepts." He is the ceramics instructor at Zebulon Pottery, and you can find his work/pottery at the entrance of the studio. 

Come Join Us! 

Pottery Classes

Get your hands a little muddy
We have a several class options; it's just a matter of picking the right one for you.

Class Package:  4 one hour classes on the pottery wheel and 30 days of studio time.
Intro class: 1-hour class on the pottery wheel.
Sip and spin:  Just like the intro class, but it's BYOB!
Kids class: Three 1-hour classes that covers hand building and throwing elements.

Studio Time

Hone your craft
We have studio time available so you can really get your hands dirty, learn, and play. There are several package options to fit your needs.

$40 per person a month
$55 per person with a plus 1 a month
$65 per immediate family unit
$20 per person for a day pass

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What People are Saying

"Highly recommend taking a pottery class! It was so fun to learn a new skill. The owner was great at leading you through the process. Also, once you make your piece, you get to come back and paint it so you can truly make it yours."

- Elane, Facebook Review 

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Paint Your Own Pottery! 

We have a section of paint your own pottery items. You just come in, pick out what speaks to you, and glaze it! We have figures, cups, and a variety of other interesting items for you to make your own. 
Contact Us!

Here's a list of answer to the questions we're asked most frequently.

I have never done any sort of pottery, do I have to know the basics before I come in?
Absolutely not! We love being able to teach our community the basics of pottery and we love our expert artists! 
How long do most pottery projects take?
Most projects take about an hour to finish. If you come in to work on something new, please stop by no later than one hour before closing so you have time to finish. 
Do you have something for kids?
Yes! We have a kids class that is a project-based class where kids learn the basics of pottery!


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